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Smoove Jée is a multifaceted Emcee with East Coast roots who effortlessly defies the status quo within the ever evolving genre of hip-hop. Inspired to perform professionally on a dare (A friend challenged him to rhyme off a beat one snowy New England winter two years ago...and the rest was history) Jée accepted the impromptu contest and blew away his skeptics with a freestyle that convinced his audience (and himself) of his hidden talent. Born and reared in Boston, Massachusetts, Smoove Jée relocated to The South in his teens. "I moved because a lot of people I knew began to get murdered.” Inspired by his experiences growing up in the City of Boston, his music was further influenced by both his departure from the sharp edge of city living and the burden of knowingly leaving behind family and friends in a community often prone to violence and destruction. Knowing that he got out, but so many acquaintances still faced bleak futures, Jée fine-tuned his sound to revolve around motivating and uplifting storytelling. Songs like "One Time" speak to youthful angst and possibilities while winding listeners through the sun drenched, tree lined southern countryside. "Boston Dreams" brings forth the other side of the coin and takes you live and direct to his hometown, lyrically driving you around Boston, the music reaching its arm across your shoulder to personally tour you through his coming of age.

With stirring songs that stimulate fan's bodies and their intellect, Smoove Jée doesn't shy away from controversy, politics and spirituality on his debut album: A Dream Deferred. At face value, titles like "Atheist" automatically stir emotional responses. Upon closer inspection a listener will get a deeper sense of the artful paradoxes that are waiting to draw you in and leave you slightly more enlightened then before the needle dropped. Smoove Jée counts Nas, Tupac, Rakim, Kriss Kross, Heavy D, Another Bad Creation and Wale as just some of his major musical influences. As a nod to his Boston, MA heritage, his sound is also inspired by S.O.L.A.R. Panel, a 90s underground hip-hop group which included Jée’s uncle and mentor, Director Jibril Haynes.  Shaped by, but not pressured to replicate any particular artist, A Dream Deferred's tracks are unorthodoxly appealing to new school and old school listeners who crave itunes with substance. Tunes that tell a story and run deep beyond just a catchy tune or boxed, one-hit formulas. Avoiding negativity, prepackaged lyrics, and gimmicks, Smoove Jée has created his own lane, yet clearly isn't afraid to veer off that path to keep his sound and his artistic integrity authentic.

                                                Biography and article by Tracey Solomon-White ~ 2015

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